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Cloud based Solutions

Approximately every decade, technology delivery undergoes a tectonic shift that changes the consumption of technology and the value that it can bring. Today, mobility, social, big data, and the advent of cloud computing offer new ways for IT to help organizations accelerate progress towards solving their most pressing challenges—speeding innovation, enhancing agility, and improving financial management.


  • Cloud is a key component of their ability to gain unencumbered access to information technology—to access "Infrastructure Anywhere, Applications Anywhere, Information Anywhere or better said: Services Anywhere." In order to deliver on the "Services Anywhere" promise, organizations will have to think differently about IT. No longer will they be solely a builder of internal infrastructure and services, but will also need to broker or consume third-party/external services. The key will be understanding the unique requirements of each service such as availability, cost, performance, and regulatory needs, then address them in the most efficient and cost effective way. This will be done by creating the right mix of on-premise and off-premise services that leverage the best of traditional IT, private, managed, and public cloud: a hybrid delivery environment.

  • Organizations building on-premise environments are being constrained by the lack of a comprehensive, integrated solution that creates confidence and a sense of trust in the cloud. Current approaches to cloud computing create fragmentation and can only address a portion of the capabilities required for a complete cloud solution. The right cloud solution must alleviate concerns including the difficulty in managing private and public clouds with traditional in-house IT environments, application robustness, security, and agility.

Operations Management


Today's IT Operations are required to do more than simply maintain the IT infrastructure. Increasing business demand for the highest service levels, greater dependence on IT for business results than ever before, and ever-tightening budgets are driving the need for increased efficiency and innovation to meet the needs of the business organization.

Typically, 60-70% of IT Operations resources are spent "keeping the lights on".  As per industry best practices wants you to turn that number on its head, allowing you more freedom for innovation while balancing demand with budgetary constraints. And, you won't have to compromise on the quality of the solution.


Operational Areas:


  • Integrate the management of your IT infrastructure from network devices, servers and storage, OS and middleware, to detect and quickly recover from potential service interruptions.

  • Address your most critical needs with best in class point solutions for network, system and storage management solutions, relying on HP's commitment to build on your investment.

  • Manage your physical, virtual and cloud environments with a multilayered, integrated solution.

  • Confidently make IT decisions based on the most complete and accurate integrated fault and performance metrics collection, analysis and reporting possible.

  • Increase efficiency with automation to detect, diagnose, and remediate complex problems

  • Integrate with the software suites  configuration and service management, including open interfaces for integration with your existing third party or in-house developed tools

Project Management


Executive have a tough role to play. Business pressures them to accelerate growth, reduce IT costs, and manage risks in the short term. But, they must keep an eye to the future as well by improving business processes and enabling new business models. But even as business demands are increasing, technology budgets are decreasing.

Executives must find better ways to deliver business value. They must shift spending from maintenance to innovation.  Using a portfolio of technologies and services, Our Services helps businesses manage and transform their technology environments to deliver business value. We help them rapidly provision the services to support the demands of the business and deliver the right business outcomes.

Big Data & Dataware Housing


You have been experiencing intense change and the need to provide a wide variety of actionable information to more users and customers than ever before.  As your solution offerings expand to meet the growing requirements, increased operational complexity follows.  As the volume, velocity and variety of data increase, the challenges of gathering, storing and analyzing data also increases. Big Data is high-volume, velocity and variety data sets so large and complex that it becomes difficult to process using traditional database management tools or data processing applications.  This new collection of information assets demand cost-effective, innovative forms of data acquisition, storage and processing to generate enhanced analytics and decision-making insights.  Retaining and analyzing your data is dramatically limited by traditional database architectures and their associated costs.  These database technologies can no longer manage today’s explosively growing volume of data, or handle the fast, complex queries you need to drive real-time business decisions.  Current Information Management and Analytics strategies, architectures and infrastructures must be modernized in order to realize the benefits of continuously expanding and accelerating, internal and external data sources.  Extracting useful information out of your disparate structured and unstructured information assets takes more than a single product or purchase. It’s an ongoing process that requires the ideal mix of solutions and expertise; all orchestrated by a partner who can bring it all together to meet you specific needs.


Our Expertise

we have developed a complete range of services and solutions to address the challenges you face in making your information assets a powerful competitive differentiator.  You can take advantage of our deep experience in delivering database, data warehouse, and analytics projects integrating market leading commercial and open source technologies into cohesive data analytic systems.  We have the experience and ability to understand, deploy and manage the full analytics stack – from bare metal to presentation layer.  Our implementation and integration experience spans systems and tools across infrastructure, applications, and data and includes the following technology and product areas:

  • Database & Data Warehouse: Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL,
  • ETL Toolsets:  SQL Server Integration Services, Hadoop
  • Analytic reporting:  IBM Cognos, SaS, SSRS

IT Services, Solutions & Consulting

Having the resources of highly trained professionals with knowledge of changing IT trends is integral to business success. Having a team that is managing the lifecycle of your infrastructure and software can be time-consuming to put together, and costly to maintain.

The  line of IT solutions and consulting services are tailored to meet your needs in any IT environment. Our IT solutions will ensure efficiency, flexibility, and cost savings to find the right IT solutions for your organization.

The benefits of partnering with an established IT solutions company is the ease in which your company can transition through the planning, assessment, implementation, and support stages of a variety of moves. We offer services in Unified Communications, Converged Infrastructure, Server / Virtualization, Enterprise Systems, Converged Infrastructure, and Cloud Services.


IT Computer and Service Support:
 offers a team of Business Optimization Experts that enable your business to excel at making good business decisions, without investing in the IT infrastructure needed to support the sharing of data across all applications and platforms.


Software Advisory Services:
Deciding on the correct software for your enterprise or medium-sized business to employ can be overwhelming. Our specialized team of software professionals have been providing software advisory services to key decision makers, guiding you to the appropriate solutions that make sense for your business.


Software Asset Management:
The  Software Asset Management Services offering ensures your business is fully compliant with software asset management and licensing through a joint partnership between ourselves and your organization. Not only does this enable us to control and protect your software assets, but it also reduces IT costs and legal risks.